You have probably thought and heard about all of the ways that study abroad will impact your life and future career path because of the things you’ll learn, the people you’ll meet, and the places you’ll visit. But have you thought about how study abroad will introduce you to yourself in a whole new way? Our environments and cultural contexts inform the construction of our identities from the time we’re born. By living abroad, immersed in a whole new environment, you will have the opportunity to encounter your own identity from new perspectives.

At Academic Solutions, we want to accompany you on that journey. We understand that social identities shape our lived experiences; that is why we have compiled an extensive list of resources for you to reference at any point before, during, or after your term abroad. So whether you are wondering what it will be like to be Asian, Black or Latin American abroad, exploring your gender identity or sexual orientation, or maybe hoping to practice your religion in your new country or manage your mental health and make wellness a top priority (or any mix of those), we’ve got tips, contacts, articles and communities waiting for you to explore them! Check them out in the links below.


At Academic Solutions, we work hard to make sure our programs are inclusive and that all students feel like they belong regardless of how they identify or of how they are perceived. At the same time, we are aware that spaces are not always inclusive, that systemic change takes time, and that race, ethnicity and nationality all influence the way we experience the world.


Studying abroad as an LGBTQ+ or non-binary student brings with it unique experiences, questions, and options that heterosexual peers will not encounter. Is the city LGBTQ+-friendly? Where are the best queer, lesbian or gay bars and cafés? How can I meet local Trans folx? Where can I learn about gender inclusive language in Spanish?


 Women are diverse and intersectional. Always. We recognize that these different intersections in womanhood will provide for very different experiences while abroad, as opposed to folx with other gender identities. You may have questions about safety, meeting other women, cultural norms, traveling solo, Black hair care products, or inclusive sports teams.


Religion and spirituality can play an interesting and key role in guiding your lived experiences abroad. It can help you through what will surely be a semester of much self-exploration, reflection, and of life-changing adventures. 


Going abroad places every student in an environment where they will be challenged and where they will get to know themselves better. Those with physical and mental health concerns, neurodiversity or physical (dis)abilities will especially be discovering their capabilities.


 There are so many ways of meeting diverse peoples in Barcelona and London. Here are a few more options that fit more of a miscellaneous category!