You will live in student housing on-site at the United African Alliance Community Center, in the heart of everything.   Being local means being able to take advantage of every learning opportunity, whether part of your educational project or vibrant discussions with community residents.  You will have the opportunity to live and learn local.  The Center will be your African home.


Not only local and center-based but authentic: nothing fancy here!  You will have all the safe drinking water you need but wait for showers.  Your bed will be adequate but not soft and wonderful.  The lush surroundings guarantee plenty of insect life but your accomodation has screens. The first few days will seem rough and then you will adjust and focus on what really matters: your African experience.


You will live and learn from the community at the United African Alliance Community Center as well as the villages right outside its gates.  The O'Neals established this Center over three decades ago.  So many lives have been changed and you will learn how directly from those impacted.