We partner with the United African Alliance Community Center (UAACC), a non-profit community based NGO founded to organize programs and projects for the enrichment of the community. Academic Solutions and the UAACC family are able to take you to greater heights of learning and sharing by guiding you off the beaten path and into more in depth community interactions and cultural immersions.


We partner with the United African Alliance Community Center (UAACC) near Arusha to deliver meaningful short-term study abroad experiences that integrate classroom and experiential learning. Learning outcomes will focus on social, political and economic development through direct engagement with host communities.


Your students can learn about local solutions to local problems while contributing ideas and effort to specific projects with specific learning outcomes.  Education, primary health and local business development are three examples of projects your students can choose.


Visits to local cultural and social enterprises can be twinned with language training, art and music workshops to foment intensive cultural engagement and fun. Additional tourist visits to Mount Kilimanjaro and world-famous game parks can also be arranged.


The UAACC offers comfortable on-site accommodation, meals, classroom space and other amenities. Accommodation is located within the UAACC community.